The Old West Federal YMCA building is a physical and cultural lynchpin for the City of Youngstown.

The impressive building fostered diversity, opportunity, and community. With easy access to a wide array of amenities and transportation channels, it is positioned to be a catalytic element for growth in the area.

An Important Legacy to Preserve

Cultural Hub

Opening in 1931, the West Federal YMCA functioned as the social and cultural center for Youngstown’s African American community.

Uniquely Noteworthy

One of the few remaining YMCA buildings supported by Julius Rosenwald, Philanthropist and CEO of Sears, Roebuck & Company.

Architecturally Exceptional

Designed by local architects Brooke & Dyer, the Tudor Gothic building offers period interior and exterior architectural features.
Circa 1930

The Old West Federal YMCA remains one of Youngstown’s most culturally significant historic properties

Connecting Culture, History, and Architecture

Cultural Museum

Destination Cultural History Museum/Art Gallery

Office Space

Office Space with Historical Character

Event Rooms

Meeting Rooms for In Building Tenants and Public Rental

Part of the Cultural Heritage...

Generations Enjoyed this Cultural Hub of Social, Spiritual, and Civic Connections

Restore the "Y"

The identity of this property has its roots firmly planted in Youngstown’s African American history and is recognized as a vital piece of the City’s landscape. Without it, Youngstown wouldn’t be the same and part of the heart, character and cultural fabric would be lost.  The distinctiveness of the building’s architecture is complemented by the uniqueness and rarity of its conception. By respecting the memories created by the Old West Federal YMCA building’s proud past, a promising future is possible.